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Yaadcore “The Calling”

Yaadcore · The Calling

Reggae artist Yaadcore is channeling a reggae/hip-hop fusion for his latest release “The Calling”. Co-produced by Haitian-born Young Zoe Beats, “Ready Now” producer Ian McKee and Yaadcore himself, the single takes on a retrospective tone, speaking to creatives who look to answer their proverbial ‘call’.

“I want people to connect with the song and realize their calling. To listen to the call – ignoring the discouraging talks and obstacles,” Yaadcore said. “Once there’s life, there’s hope… wah nuh dead, nuh dash it weh.”

“The Calling” was created as a vehicle to voice ‘the call’, ultimately allowing one to lead themself into realizing their goals. The song is part of a 27-track, multi-produced mixtape entitled Sumn Different which features brand new music from Yaadcore & Karbon, along with guest appearances from Lila Iké, Runkus and more. This is the third release coming out of the partnership between Yaadcore’s 12 Yaad Records and Delicious Vinyl Island; the first being “No Fenke Fenke” released in 2018.


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