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Yaadcore & Karbon – Sumn Different – mixtape


For Sumn Different, Yaadcore connects with 12 Yaad artist Karbon, bringing listeners a taste of what’s to come from both acts. While previous Yaadcore mixtapes, such as those in the Reggae Aroma series, offered a survey of the roots reggae landscape, Sumn Different focuses mainly on in-house artistic output, but also leaves room for remixes and inclusions of fellow travelers like Lila Ike and Runkus, who appears on the 12 Yaad-produced “Liv It Up,” a track inspired by Whitney Houston’s classic “My Love Is Your Love.”

The name Sumn Different, Yaadcore explains, comes from the new event series by the same name which he’s started in keeping in Kingston. But it also proved to be a fitting name as he began assembling tracks for the project.

“It is an event series we have monthly, every full moon,” he says. “Working on this mixtape, I decided to use Sumn Differnt and bring something different for the people. The mixtape is different than anything out right now. It’s to give people free music and introduce them to myself and Karbon, and warm them up to what’s to come. To give the people music in a palatable and exciting way fi listen.”

1.Intro – Mammee Bay

2. Yaadcore – The Calling

Produced By Young Zoe Beatz x 12 Yaad Records x Ian Mckee
 / Mixed By Bonzai Caruso

3. skit – Your Lane Different

4. Yaadcore – Ready Now

Produced By Rian Williams x 12 Yaad Records x Ian Mckee
 / Mixed By Tippy I Grade

5. Bob Marley Ft Haile Selassie – War Speech [Refix]

Produced By Bunx
 / Mixed By Yaadcore

6. Karbon – Caesar Never Cease

Produced By Bunx
 / Mixed By Runkus

7. Yaadcore – Guide InI

Produced By Bunx
 / Mixed By Runkus

8. Karbon – Like A Feather

Produced Computer Paul
 / Mixed By Yaadcore

9. Karbon – Belial

Produced By Damage Musiq / 
Mixed By Runkus

10. Karbon – Kurfew

Produced By Teflon ZincFence
 / Mixed By Runkus

11. skit – Connect Different

12. Yaadcore – Tension

Produced By Top Ranking
 / Mixed By Dan Sauter

13. Skit – Caught Up With The Calling

14. Karbon – Killamanjaro

Produced By Ron Benjamin
 / Mixed By Runkus

15. Yaadcore – Eyes Can’t See

Produced By Oneness Records
 / Mixed By Yaadcore

16. Yaadcore – Ladadidaaa

Produced By Jahlanzo
 / Mixed By Yaadcore

17. Skit – Just Saying Hi

18. Yaadcore – Bee With Mee [Tadow Refix]

Produced By Masego & Fjk / 
Mixed By Runkus

19. Runkus – Liv It Up

Produced By 12 Yaad Records & Rian Williams
 / Mixed By Runkus

20. Yaadcore. Lila Ike. Imeru – Freestyle

Produced By 12 Yaad Records & Rian Williams / 
Mixed By Yaadcore

21. Yaadcore ft. Karbon – Light Up The Place

Produced By Dub School & 12 Yaad Records
 / Mixed By Runkus

22. Runkus – $$$

Produced By Wizical
 / Mixed By Runkus

23. Skillibeng – Brick Pan Brick

Produced Eastsyde Records

24. Karbon – Highgrade Maka

Produced By Tekno
 / Mixed By Ian Mckee

25. Bunny Rugs ft. Karbon & Yaadcore – Runaway Remix

Produced By X-Terminator Productions / 
Mixed By Runkus

26. skit – Tip Of The Iceberg

27. Lila Ike – Solitude

Produced By Ziah & Iotosh
 / Mixed By Niko Marzouca & Robert Marks

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