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Runkus x Toddla T “GARRISON”


“GARRISON” provokes a new genre of dancehall with its ballad-style intro, a nod to the global music appeal of Toddla T’s productions. The song is a reflection of life in Jamaica’s government housing developments, typically ruled by politics, social issues and dreams of making it out. Runkus’ lyrical flow steps over the beat to contemplate the fortification of youths living in these areas.

As the song progresses with a lyrical transition by Mr. Lexx, it takes a bend into a new era of dancehall as Runkus’ lyrics speak to the gritty, street culture synonymous with the genre. With stellar production from Toddla T and a sample from the original Xterminator Records catalog, we see Runkus’ pedagogical style, profound wit and charisma begin to shine.


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