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Chris Malachi “BAWL / FYAHBAWL”

The first single “BAWL”, again produced by J.L.L. is a compassionate and vulnerable yet hard hitting track that addresses the overwhelming plight of his generation. This is one half of his FYAHBAWL concept (the other song named FYAH) which explores the duality of the intense fiery passion that usually characterizes the youth. “BAWL” explores what happens when circumstances push the passion to manifest into anger, bitterness and hopelessness. 

“FYAHBAWL” is the other side of the coin to the previously released “BAWL” from the rising & powerful voice that is Chris Malachi. This upbeat afrobeats/dancehall anthem promotes resilience in the face of adversity as he triumphantly sings “Nobody can’t stop the youths from shining, yeah we a star!” If “BAWL” makes a point to feel and understand the harsh realities we currently face, “FYAHBAWL” encourages us to believe that we have what it takes to overcome, thrive and rise above it all.

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