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Blvk H3ro x Wayne J – New Millennium (EP)

BLVK H3RO · Blvk H3ro x Wayne J – New Millennium

New Millennium (EP) is described as a ‘modern take’ on dancehall music. Beneath the surface, it tells the story of the Blvk H3ro x Wayne J’s journey within the music industry. It is a 7-track masterpiece which outlines various themes. “Original” kicks off the story retroactively, going back to H3ro and Wayne J’s childhood, where they are attending an old-school stage show that eventually influenced all of the music they create now. This is how Blvk H3ro and Wayne J pay homage to the genre before introducing their take on it. This is followed by “Young Boss”, which represents the ‘come up’, and is a pseudo flash-forward look at where the artists are now in their careers. “Ghetto Queen” is a celebration of the women the artists grew up around. “#TopTeam” speaks directly to the ‘no man is an island’-theory. In this track, H3ro x Wayne J celebrate their ‘squad’, who have been working with them since their musical journey began. In usual fashion, it would be remiss of the artists to leave out the ‘most high’. “The Ruler” and “Prayer” are the spiritual and meditative additions to the storyline. Finally, the climatic ending of the project comes in the form of “Young Boss (Remix)”, the collaboration with rapidly rising dancehall star Skillibeng.

The project was produced by Top Team, Bob Riddim and Kraggibadart with executive producer Blvk H3ro.


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