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Blvk H3ro x Ras-I “Better Than That”

Delicious Vinyl Island · Blvk H3ro x Ras-I "Better Than That"

The single “Better Than That” by Blvk H3ro x Ras-I speaks to Jamaica’s history with the Maroons, a native community on the island that signed a treaty with their British Colonizers. They have yet to see their name respected and have not received the acknowledgment and platform they deserve. They are urging their leaders to do better, as their current efforts are not enough to ensure they have the same privileges, opportunities, and rights for the Maroons, and by extension the entire Jamaican society.

Furthermore, it tells its audience the prejudice they receive on the basis that their influence would be so impactful on Jamaican society, that it would demolish the systems in place that keep so many of their citizens from progressing in their lives

The song’s hook, which resonates with the line, “Real warriors know better than that,” heavily suggests that the artists do not approve of the current conditions the leaders impose upon their citizens. The messaging of the song not only speaks to Jamaica’s intense history with their own people, but clearly states that the current reality is far from acceptable, and urges change so that there can be a greater Jamaica for which they are willing to fight.

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