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Yaadcore x Fred Locks “Sufferation”

Yaadcore · Sufferation

“Sufferation” is the new reggae single from Yaadcore and Fred Locks. The song’s poignant lyrics serve as a reminder of the challenges facing a majority of Jamaica’s inner cities with love being the only solution. The drum-forward reggae track immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its distinctive and pulsating beat. The keyboard sprinkles in a hypnotic groove that feels both rooted in tradition and fresh, adding layers to the soundscape.


Sarah Couch – What Do We Know (EP)

SarahCouch · What Do We Know

Jamaican R&B gets a new face with What Do We Know, a concept EP about love and loss from Kingston-based singer-songwriter Sarah Couch. The five-track EP is a dreamy and emotional exploration of life, relationships and self discovery. Sarah serenades listeners by baring her truth over catchy and captivating rhythms produced by Chillmuchmore. The lyrics are a deeply personal reflection of growth while overcoming confusion and heartache.


Lee “Scratch” Perry x Bob Riddim – Destiny (LP)

Lee “Scratch” Perry · Destiny

Lee “Scratch” Perry’s posthumous masterpiece Destiny (LP), crafted alongside Bob Riddim, is a transcendent journey through reggae’s legacy and future. With Evie Pukupoo’s soulful echoes, Kabaka Pyramid’s revolutionary lyricism, and Xana Romeo’s neo-roots infusion, the album marries iconic traditions with reggae’s modern sound and voices. Highlights also include a collaborative showcase of the next-generation reggae wave with Blvk H3ro, Leno Banton, and Wayne J on “Ring Pon My Finger”, and a nod to dub royalty with Addis Pablo’s melodica on “Infinity” (Dub). Scheduled for a September 8th global launch via Delicious Vinyl Island, Destiny stands as a testament to Perry’s indelible influence on the Jamaican and global music soundscape.


Lee “Scratch” Perry x Bob Riddim x Evie Pukupoo “Destiny”

Lee "Scratch" Perry · Destiny

Grammy-winning reggae legend Lee “Scratch” Perry and Grammy-nominated producer Bob Riddim present “Destiny”, the first single from Perry’s final album project of the same name. The track features the soulful voice of Evie Pukupoo (AhPuku), founding member of the idiosyncratic dub poetry/reggae group, The No-Maddz, paired with Perry’s vocals in a modern new roots-reggae style. The contemporary reggae riddim blends perfectly with Perry and Pukupoo’s powerful vocals, resulting in a spiritual roots reggae frequency. This song, as well as the entire album, showcases not just the brilliance of Perry and Pukupoo, but also the other notable artists as Addis Pablo, Blvk H3ro, Kabaka Pyramid, Leno Banton, Wayne J, Xana Romeo and Yaadcore. The song presents a crucial contribution to the culture as it was recorded in the 12 months prior to Scratch’s 2021 passing. The single is the title track from “the Upsetter’s” final recorded album out via Delicious Vinyl Island on September 8.


Blvk H3ro – On A Mission (LP)

BLVK H3RO aka BLACK HERO · On A Mission

Blvk H3ro is a man on a mission, as showcased in his debut album for Delicious Vinyl Island. This Jamaican artist’s album, titled On A Mission, not only paints a picture of individual experience but also presents immense personal triumphs. Across 15 tracks, the studio album spreads an umbrella of cultures, with productions as distinct as the artist himself. The music is a balance of H3ro’s highs, lows, and in-betweens, inspiring listeners to persevere through life’s challenges. It blends H3ro’s musical dexterity into a benchmark of global music, feeding the appetite of music lovers on a mission to discover greatness within.


Blvk H3ro x Kojo Funds “Annabella” (Remix)

BLVK H3RO aka BLACK HERO · Annabella (Remix)

Jamaican singer-songwriter Blvk H3ro has emerged as one of this year’s most exciting new Afrobeat and dancehall fusion artists. His recent hit “Annabella” has continued to make waves on dance floors across the globe this summer! Now after a short break from music, UK singer-songwriter and rapper Kojo Funds has jumped on the “Annabella” (Remix) creating a cultural kaleidoscope of synergistic sound. The song opens with an attention-grabbing introduction of thick guitar tones and delivers a fusion of upbeat dancehall rhythms and signature Afrobeat instrumentation. Kojo Funds adds an impressive verse complementing Blvk H3ro’s lyrical appreciation of the essence of Annabella, a person so fine, they stay on the mind. The production, by Zimbabwean talent Soko7, widely acclaimed for his contributions to Beyoncé’s chart-topping sensation “Drunk In Love”, is a seamless blend of modern and traditional Afrobeat sounds.


Blvk H3ro x Dre Island “Annabella”

BLVK H3RO aka BLACK HERO · Annabella

Cultures collide to bring us “Annabella”, a new dance-friendly sound for the summer. The track is produced by Zimbabwean Soko7 in a guitar-forward, Afrobeat x dancehall-reggae style, with lyrics by Jamaican artists Blvk H3ro and Dre Island. The song’s message is about appreciating the divine feminine, while encouraging women to embrace their sensuality, especially on the dance floor.


Blvk H3ro x Soko 7 x Blaq Pages “Good Body”

BLVK H3RO aka BLACK HERO · Good Body

“Good Body” is an afrobeat-inspired, dancehall single by Blvk H3ro, Soko7, and Blaq Pages. Produced by Soko7 (known for his contribution on Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love”) and Blaq Pages, the song combines Jamaican and Zimbabwean influences, expressing admiration for the female form through rhythmic deliveries and dance-friendly beats. It embodies cultural fusion, celebrating the beauty of the human physique with an energetic and vibrant musical experience.


Chadi & Fadi x Blvk H3ro “In Da Club”

Chadi & Fadi · In Da Club

Summer heats up with Chadi x Fadi feat. Blvk H3ro’s new reggaeton single “In Da Club”. This South American x Jamaican collaboration is heard through a hybrid of cultural influences, creating a multi-genre spin on the old-school reggaeton sound. The lyrics are a blend of hip-hop-meets-dancehall, making a fun, flirtatious, dance-ready track. A vibe perfect for being in da club.


Sarah Couch “Moisturize”

SarahCouch · Moisturize

When the tea in your cup is overflowing, the journey of self love can keep you ever glowing. That is Sarah Couch’s latest message in her newest single “Moisturize”. The singer-songwriter has been on a journey of self-love, expression and exploration, which is apparent in her poetic lyrical flow. Couch’s newest R&B song focuses on the self confidence it takes to stay true to your individuality, when there are people around who can cause doubt in your own self appreciation. “Moisturize” is the third single from Sarah Couch’s upcoming EP in collaboration with Delicious Vinyl Island.


Yaadcore – Treesonable (EP)

Yaadcore · Treesonable

Blvk H3ro “Celebration”

BLVK H3RO aka BLACK HERO · Celebration

In keeping up with good vibes and times “Celebration” is the newest dancehall single from Jamaica’s breakout star Blvk H3ro. The song, produced by Sonic Gold Productions, is a toast commemorating the best parts of the journey through life. “Celebration” is Blvk H3ro latest heavy-hitting, up-tempo jam to keep the festivity of gratitude alive from coast to coast.


Runkus x Toddla T “GARRISON”


“GARRISON” provokes a new genre of dancehall with its ballad-style intro, a nod to the global music appeal of Toddla T’s productions. The song is a reflection of life in Jamaica’s government housing developments, typically ruled by politics, social issues and dreams of making it out. Runkus’ lyrical flow steps over the beat to contemplate the fortification of youths living in these areas.

As the song progresses with a lyrical transition by Mr. Lexx, it takes a bend into a new era of dancehall as Runkus’ lyrics speak to the gritty, street culture synonymous with the genre. With stellar production from Toddla T and a sample from the original Xterminator Records catalog, we see Runkus’ pedagogical style, profound wit and charisma begin to shine.


Sarah Couch “Set It Off”

SarahCouch · Peace Of Mind

Jamaican artist and songwriter Sarah Couch serenades us through an introspective journey on her latest R&B single “Set It Off”. Couch delves into the chaotic intersection of love, life and self-discovery as she yearns to uncover an answer to “how do we begin to answer thoughts that are unquestionable?” The single sparks an intimate revelation of longing as her smooth delivery collapses into soundscapes and landscapes while merging and separating love and consciousness, and aiming to discover the truth about love: What Do We Know?


Runkus x Chronixx x Toddla T “PRETTY SUIT”


“PRETTY SUIT”, the third offering lifted from Runkus x Toddla T’s forthcoming album is a further display of their collaborative ability, this time joining forces with renowned reggae artist Chronixx. The track is fueled with an enticing beat that Runkus and Chronixx ride effortlessly with a powerful hook and dynamic flows.


Sarah Couch “Peace Of Mind”

SarahCouch · Peace Of Mind

“Peace Of Mind” is the first single from Sarah Couch’s upcoming EP from Delicious Vinyl Island x 12 Yaad Records. A song of tranquility as the name suggests, the single pays homage to the singer’s creative dexterity and worldwide influence of several music genres and cultures. It is also a deeply personal expression of Sarah’s journey through self-exploration and the authenticity which finds her intimately at the center of herself. Produced by Jamaican creative Chillmuchmore, “Peace Of Mind” is a melodious, guitar driven, modern spin on Jamaican R&B, highlighting the beauty of Sarah’s calm and soothing delivery.


Blvk H3ro x Teejay “Rich And Blessed”

BLVK H3RO · Rich And Blessed

Fast rising Jamaican star Blvk H3ro teams up with established heavy hitter Teejay to trigger a heat wave on “Rich and Blessed”, a grimy dancehall banger produced by Kingston-based Shane Creative on Delicious Vinyl Island.

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Runkus x Toddla T x Ky-Mani Marley “GOODLOVE”


A haunting, bass driven, dub-based reggae banger, “GOODLOVE” is performed, co-written, and co-produced by Runkus & Toddla T, and features internationally renowned “top shotta” Ky-Mani Marley. “GOODLOVE” encapsulates multiple genre-influences over hard reggae drum and bass, originally produced and co-written by the extremely talented Roel “Roe Summerz” Powell at his Space Island Ja studios.

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Yaadcore – Reggaeland (LP)

Reggae Land is the sound of an artist honoring tradition while marching to his own riddim. While the album’s title celebrates Jamaica’s status as the epicenter of reggae music, the project’s contents pull elements of trap, R&B, classic hip-hop and jazz into an eclectic, layered sound that defies simple genre tags.

Yaadcore · Reggaeland

Runkus x Toddla T “BIG CHUNE”

Runkus · BIG CHUNE

Platinum selling and Oscar nominated music producer Toddla T joins forces with hot rising Jamaican talent & two time Grammy nominated producer/singer-songwriter Runkus on a soundsystem style and flex. ​​​​​”BIG CHUNE”, a truly magnetic single that speaks volumes on this duo’s collaborative ability. Combining Runkus’ experience, vision and genius, with Toddla T’s production and sound – heavily influenced by his background in club culture, radio and Notting Hill Carnival – results in this unique, uplifting and arresting masterpiece.

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Blvk H3ro x Something D’Lux “The Greatest”

BLVK H3RO · The Greatest

Produced on the fabled Akai MPC — Blvk H3ro’s commanding vocals float atop a distinct pulse firmly rooted in the late 90’s dancehall of the artistes’ youth.
Produced by Something D’Lux

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Boomyard Stage at Cali Vibes

Looking forward to the New Year!
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Yaadcore x Sarah Couch “La La Laa”

Yaadcore · La La Laa

Yaadcore shares his first single of 2022 in “La La Laa” featuring Jamaican vocalist Sarah Couch (of island pop outfit Dejavilla). The song is a chilled-out, intimate track about holding a meds with that special someone. Yaadcore’s full-length LP Reggae Land is coming soon via Delicious Vinyl Island / 12 Yaad Records.

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Runkus “vibes iii.”

<iframe width=”100%” height=”166″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” allow=”autoplay” src=”https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/1175669098&color=%23ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&show_teaser=true”></iframe><div style=”font-size: 10px; color: #cccccc;line-break: anywhere;word-break: normal;overflow: hidden;white-space: nowrap;text-overflow: ellipsis; font-family: Interstate,Lucida Grande,Lucida Sans Unicode,Lucida Sans,Garuda,Verdana,Tahoma,sans-serif;font-weight: 100;”><a href=”https://soundcloud.com/runkusoldskl” title=”Runkus” target=”_blank” style=”color: #cccccc; text-decoration: none;”>Runkus</a> · <a href=”https://soundcloud.com/runkusoldskl/vibes-iii” title=”vibes iii.” target=”_blank” style=”color: #cccccc; text-decoration: none;”>vibes iii.</a></div>
Produced by Bassick Records & Toddla T

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Massa Man x Yaadcore x Proff Kenya “Sunshine Grindin”

Yaadcore · Massa Man x Yaadcore x Proff Kenya – Sunshine Grindin

As he gears up to release his debut album, Reggaeland, in January 2022, Yaadcore has been hitting us with a mix of collabs to keep the fire burning. The latest of these is “Sunshine Grindin”. The non-album track pairs Yaadcore’s vocals with Massa Man, a German reggae artist, and Nairobi-based Proff Kenya. In their own way, each artist touts the positive energy of working hard and staying focused.

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Blvk H3ro “Cool Runnings”

Delicious Vinyl Island · Blvk H3ro – Cool Runnings

Jamaican rising star Blvk H3ro takes it to the bedroom on “Cool Runnings,” a nice-and-easy gyal tune from his forthcoming sophomore album. The track, produced by Bob Riddim and Dennis “Greatest” Hamilton, plays like an intimate conversation between two lovers, as Blvk H3ro and a romantic interest from overseas get to know each other.

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Yaadcore x Richie Spice “Nyquill (Spliff A Light Spliff)” (Remix)

Delicious Vinyl Island · Yaadcore X Richie Spice – Nyquill (Spliff A Light Spliff) (Remix)

Jamaican rising star Yaadcore recruits reggae legend Richie Spice for a blazing ganjaman anthem in “Nyquill” (Remix) — a/k/a “Spliff A Light Spliff.” When Yaadcore and Spice talk of “Nyquill,” they’re not referring to the over-the-counter cold medicine. Rather, they are testifying to the medicinal qualities of the herb, which they celebrate in defiant and triumphant fashion over an irie, one-drop riddim from reggae artist Micah Shemiah.

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Blvk H3ro x Ras-I “Better Than That”

Delicious Vinyl Island · Blvk H3ro x Ras-I "Better Than That"

The single “Better Than That” by Blvk H3ro x Ras-I speaks to Jamaica’s history with the Maroons, a native community on the island that signed a treaty with their British Colonizers. They have yet to see their name respected and have not received the acknowledgment and platform they deserve. They are urging their leaders to do better, as their current efforts are not enough to ensure they have the same privileges, opportunities, and rights for the Maroons, and by extension the entire Jamaican society.

Furthermore, it tells its audience the prejudice they receive on the basis that their influence would be so impactful on Jamaican society, that it would demolish the systems in place that keep so many of their citizens from progressing in their lives

The song’s hook, which resonates with the line, “Real warriors know better than that,” heavily suggests that the artists do not approve of the current conditions the leaders impose upon their citizens. The messaging of the song not only speaks to Jamaica’s intense history with their own people, but clearly states that the current reality is far from acceptable, and urges change so that there can be a greater Jamaica for which they are willing to fight.

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KHXOS “Runaway” (feat. Kheilstone)

KHXOS · Runaway

Jamaica’s KHXOS brings his yardman swag to an infectious, afrobeats-inspired rhythm from producer Kheilstone (Tiwa Savage, Popcaan) on “Runaway” (featuring Kheilstone), his first release of 2021 and the soulful lead single from his upcoming sophomore album, Complicated. Known for making addictive dancehall bops with smooth, ear-grabbing hooks, KHXOS captures a sentiment nearly everyone can relate to when he sings about running away to a place no one knows about with that special someone.

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Landa Freak x Bony Fly “Bellakeo”

Delicious Vinyl Island · Landa Freak x Bony Fly – Bellakeo

“Bellakeo” is an obscure yet familiar reggaeton riddim constructed by Swiss producer / DJ Bony Fly alongside Colombian recording artist Landa Freak. Landa’s signature charisma and unique gimmicks allows for an intense and organic connection between the track and the dancefloor.

Bony Fly cooks up a beat reminiscent of the old and slowed down dembow riddims that reverberates across the globe; blending it with his trademark sound tailored for unique club vibes. The deep strings, bass pulses, and hard-hitting drums match perfectly with Landa’s laid-back performance filled with subtle metaphors and analogies.

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Kaz Fuego “Million Times”

Kaz Fuego · Million Times

“Million Times” is a unique blend between both Afro-fusion soundscapes and British rap flows. All production was constructed by USOJ & the late great HIIBURN8 from start to finish. The song details the love, admiration and need to protect your significant other no matter the circumstance or consequence. Adopting musical influence from the likes of artists such as WizKid, Burna Boy, J Hus & Skepta, the record captures an authentic groove while conveying a familiar message at the same time. 

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Royal Blu “Divine Timing”

The Royal Blu · Divine Timing

“Divine Timing” is a smooth & sultry track that expresses the passion and synchronicity between romantic partners. The Yo Christon-produced single sets the mood for lovers at play with its mid-tempo dancehall rhythm.

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Amanyea “TOP GIRL”

Amanyea · TOP GIRL

Rising Jamaican dancer-turned-artist Amanyea joins Delicious Vinyl Island with the release of her buzzy bad single “Top Girl”. The track, produced by fellow Jamaican rising star Runkus, turns a familiar dancehall flow from Vybz Kartel (via Super Cat) into a women’s empowerment anthem, offering encouraging words for independent ladies forging their own path. “‘Top Girl’ was written to help women conquer fears they may have surrounding their beings and bodies,” Amanyea says. “I’m encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and to be independent.” Look out for more new music soon from Amanyea with the release of her debut EP, Still Go’ Dance.

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Raka Dun x Los Rakas “Como Yo”

Los Rakas · Como Yo – Raka Dun

“Como Yo” is a smooth, sultry and infectious tune that encapsulates a strong yearning for reconnection and passion. Supported by its strong chorus, it masterfully rides a familiar 90s dancehall swing thanks to longtime producer and fellow Bay Area native, Mars Today. It expresses deep passion and understanding between lovers as well as potential enemies scourged by the torments of love. With elements of a mid-tempo dancehall rhythm, “Como Yo” sets the mood for lovers looking for a slow wine in the bedroom or on the dance floor.

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Blvk H3ro “It Nuh Easy”

BLVK H3RO · It Nuh Easy

Blvk H3ro presents “It Nuh Easy”, the latest entry in his steadily expanding catalog of head-turning music. Reflecting on the state of affairs in his native Jamaica and the world at large, the new-wave Reggae innovator asks some tough questions of himself, his community and the politicians during this time of great turmoil.

Bouncing lively atop a bubbling dancehall riddim courtesy of The Koastal Kings & Biggs Fya Muzic, “It Nuh Easy” stirs the spirit, evoking a series of images in the mind of the listener that highlight some of the inequalities that perpetuate injustice in our societies.

With his signature inventive melodies and stinging social commentary Blvk H3ro continues his steady trod to greatness, one tuff tune at a time!

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Blvk H3ro “Outside”

BLVK H3RO · Outside
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Karbon “Like A Feather”

Karbon · Like A Feather
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Rising Sound Mixtape – Selectress Ash – Love And Gratitude

Rising Sound – Selectress Ash – Luv & Gratitude

1. Lila Ike “Second Chance”
2. Natural High “Study People” (feat. Wayne Marshall)
3. Royal Blu “Style And Pattern”
4. Yaadcore “Ready Now”
5. Jah 9 “Note To Self (Okay)” (feat. Chronixx)
6. Dactah Chando “My Way”
7. Lila Ike “Where I’m Coming From”
8. Runkus “Victim”
9. Protoje “Switch It Up” (feat. Koffee)
10. Sumalee Berlinger & Tony Funk “Backstabber Riddim”
11. Jah Marnyah “Be Careful”
12. Turbulence “We Remain”
13. Lutan Fyah “Stop”
14. Naptali “Decietful”
15. K-Jah “Run (Dub)” (feat. Runkus)
16. K-Jah “Run” (feat. Runkus)
17. Cali P “Wha Gwan”
18. Anthony B “Build Back”
19. Maikal X “Real Friend”
20. Protoje “Like Royalty (Dub)” (feat. Popcaan)
21. Alborosie “Strolling (Dub)” (feat. Protoje)
22. Alborosie “Strolling” (feat. Protoje)
23. Stephen Marley x Damien Marley “Jah Army”
24. Pressure Busspipe “It Haffi Go Suh (Dub)”
25. Tarrus Riley “Eye Water”
26. Zagga “In The Ghetto”
27. Lutan Fyah “Never Ever”
28. Chronixx “Out Deh”
29. “Bambu Riddim” (Instrumental)
30. Ras Muhamad “Bambu Keras”
31. Luciano “The Music”
32. Lutan Fyah “Gone Too Far”
33. Lutan Fyah “Gone Too Far (Dub)”
34. Jemere Morgan “Troddin” (feat. Stu Stapleton)
35. Torch & Bugle “Fire Man A Bun”
36. Agent Sasco “Mash Dem Dong”
37. Skarra Mucci & Phantom “True Gyalist”
38. “Going Home Riddim” (instrumental)
39. Busy Signal & Exco Levy “Wicked Man Evil”
40. Capleton “Way a Dem a do”
41. Gappy Ranks “Free My Chains Gappy Ranks”
42. Koffee “Pressure”
43. Bounty Killer “Insparable”
44. Shenseea “Heartless”
45. Busy Signal “What Is A Friend”
46. Alaine “Man Crush Everyday”
47. Ikaya “Keep Up”
48. Christofer Martin “Time Of Your Life”
49. Romain Virgo “Never Make Her Sad”
50. “My Paradise Riddim” (instrumental)
51. “Fly Weh Riddim” (instrumental)
52. Anthony B “Rainy Day”
53. Kamrun “Breath Me”
54. Perfect Giddimani “The Best Thing”
55. Honourable “Rise & Fall”
56. Pressure “So Real”
57. Alaine “Grateful Heart”
58. Ce’cile “Riding For You”
59. Delly Ranx “Another Place”
60. D Major “Heavenly”
61. Daville “Dirty Laundry”
62. I Wayne “Oxtail”
63. Ce’cile “Sort Out”
64. D Major “Respect”
65. Collie Buddz “Hold Firm”
66. Anthony B “Chill Out”
67. Ozomatli “Cholo Yardie”
68. Etana “All In One”
69. Jesse Royal “Oh La La”

Runkus – IN:SIDE (LP)

Runkus · IN:SIDE

Blending the cultural gravitas of roots reggae and dancehall with the energy of trap and the intricate wordplay of classic hip-hop, Runkus makes music with a global, yet unmistakably Jamaican, perspective. Cast into a state of deep reflection and meditation on the state of the world, the deejay/singer/producer experienced a surge of creativity during the Covid-19 quarantine, which he has channeled into an eclectic and exhilarating set of new tracks.

Runkus gathers these recordings on IN:SIDE, a 10-track LP that captures the anxiety and promise of life in the age of lockdowns and resets. Tracks like “TAN A YUH YAAD” and “THE MASK:2ND WAVE” vividly reflect the mindstate of this new world, creating a uniquely timely soundtrack for these unprecedented times. With “5Gs”, Runkus aligns himself with some of Jamaica’s top lyricists in Jesse Royal, Kabaka Pyramid, Royal Blu and Munga Honorable, as they collectively deliver a devastating meditation on speaking the truth at all costs. “EVERYBODY GOING LIVE” (feat. Naomi Cowan) and “QUARANTINE SLIDE” turn their attention to the escapism on the minds of so many, commenting on topics like social media obsession and forbidden love.

The album, released on January 15, will be supported with the mini-documentary IN:SIDE Portmore, taking viewers inside Runkus’ home city and his creative process.


Royal Blu x Runkus “G”

The Royal Blu · Royal Blu x Runkus – G

“G” is a blend of genres, which is yet another product of the current musical revolution coming out of Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. Set atop a sort of traphall beat, famed young producer J.LL. sampled the popular reggae “Stalag” riddim which rose to prominence in the 1970s. This blend perfectly accommodates the smooth rap style which has become synonymous with the artists. The lyrics are almost a charge to people at large to “keep the same energy”. This simply means that they should remain consistent in how they speak to and about another person, regardless of their perceived status, and in spite of their circumstances. 


Runkus “Quarantine Slide”

Delicious Vinyl Island · Runkus – Quarantine Slide

Dancehall meets R&B, then gets introduced to pure ‘vibes’ on the latest release from artist and producer Runkus. “Quarantine Slide” is the first track from the artist’s project inspired by the Jamaica government-ordered lockdown of St. Catherine (including Portmore), where he resides.

The track was co-produced by Runkus and Tyrese McNaughton of the famed Universal Zinc Fence Records. With a usual unorthodox approach to creating music, Runkus decided to let his audience in on the more carnal side to his work, the “Quarantine Slide” having a more loaded meaning.




Blvk H3ro x Wayne J – New Millennium (EP)

BLVK H3RO · Blvk H3ro x Wayne J – New Millennium

New Millennium (EP) is described as a ‘modern take’ on dancehall music. Beneath the surface, it tells the story of the Blvk H3ro x Wayne J’s journey within the music industry. It is a 7-track masterpiece which outlines various themes. “Original” kicks off the story retroactively, going back to H3ro and Wayne J’s childhood, where they are attending an old-school stage show that eventually influenced all of the music they create now. This is how Blvk H3ro and Wayne J pay homage to the genre before introducing their take on it. This is followed by “Young Boss”, which represents the ‘come up’, and is a pseudo flash-forward look at where the artists are now in their careers. “Ghetto Queen” is a celebration of the women the artists grew up around. “#TopTeam” speaks directly to the ‘no man is an island’-theory. In this track, H3ro x Wayne J celebrate their ‘squad’, who have been working with them since their musical journey began. In usual fashion, it would be remiss of the artists to leave out the ‘most high’. “The Ruler” and “Prayer” are the spiritual and meditative additions to the storyline. Finally, the climatic ending of the project comes in the form of “Young Boss (Remix)”, the collaboration with rapidly rising dancehall star Skillibeng.

The project was produced by Top Team, Bob Riddim and Kraggibadart with executive producer Blvk H3ro.


Khxos “New Celine”

KHXOS · New Celiné

Runkus x Jesse Royal x Kabaka Pyramid “5Gs” (feat. Royal Blu x Munga Honorable)

Delicious Vinyl Island · Runkus x Jesse Royal x Kabaka Pyramid – 5Gs (feat. Royal Blu x Munga Honorable)

Though not the original intent, the new trap-hall banger from reggae and dancehall greats Runkus, Jesse Royal, Royal Blu, Kabaka Pyramid and Munga Honorable takes on a pseudo-cypher composition. The beat is a blend of the iconic dancehall bassline, along with 808 and trap drums. What’s interesting is the varying shifts in the sound through the song, especially during the verses, specially designed that way to provide clarity for the listener. Additionally, there are climatic points towards Munga’s verse especially, to underscore the prolific and uplifting lyrics he delivered.


Wayne J x Skillibeng x Blvk H3ro “Young Boss (Remix)”

Delicious Vinyl Island · Wayne J x Skillibeng x Blvk H3ro – Young Boss (Remix)

“Young Boss”, Blvk H3ro & Wayne J’s ode to youth ‘bossing up’, gets a boost with “Young Boss (Remix)” courtesy of rising dancehall breakout artist Skillibeng. The original single, released just a few weeks ago, is all about empowering young creatives that have taken the leap of faith into entrepreneurship. It was especially special as it was released during a time when young entrepreneurs are more prominent, especially in the music and creative industry. What is important to note is the prevalence of more established acts supporting the work of rising talent within the music industry through organic collaborations. In fact, it was through this medium that “Young Boss (Remix)” came about.

“It came out of a conversation and just seeing Skillibeng because all a we live inna Eastside,” Blvk H3ro recalls. “We did just hol’ a reason with him one day and he was telling us how he rated the track and just wanted to do a remix,” H3ro said.


Royal Blu x Stamma – No Suppressor

1. Royal Blu – WYD
2. Royal Blu – Top A Di Ting (feat. Amanyea)
3. Royal Blu – Tuff Love
4. Royal Blu – Yam Head (Bookshelf Freestyle)
5. Royal Blu – Big Body (Sexy Lady Freestyle)
6. Royal Blu – Big Bank (Don’t Rush Freestyle)
7. Royal Blu – Fuego (Hot Freestyle)
8. Royal Blu – Balance
9. Royal Blu – Hype
10. Royal Blu – More While
11. Royal Blu – Pass Your Place
12. Runkus x Jesse Royal x Kabaka Pyramid – 5Gs (feat. Royal Blu x Munga Honorable)
13. Royal Blu – G (feat. Runkus)
14. Royal Blu – Style & Genius
15. Royal Blu – Enemy (Dior Freestyle)
16. Natural High Music – Reap What You Sow (feat. Royal Blu) (Eternal Light Freestyle)
17. Royal Blu – The Difference
18. Royal Blu – Work Hard
19. Royal Blu – No Suppressor


Monkey Jhayam x Edley Shine x DJ B8 “We Can’t Breathe”

Delicious Vinyl Island · Monkey Jhayam x Edley Shine x DJ B8 – We Can't Breathe

Monkey Jhayam and veteran MC Edley Shine, founder and member of the legendary group Born Jamericans, have come together to increase the voice of the ghetto with “We Can’t Breathe”. The musical production, composed by notorious Brazilian producer DJ B8, is a collective outburst from the ghettos of Brazil, USA and Jamaica, to all the corners of the world that are suffering from racial injustice.


Royal Blu “WYD”

Delicious Vinyl Island · Royal Blu – WYD

“WYD” is a mid tempo dancehall banger which features soothing vocals from singer Royal Blu, combining 90’s dancehall drum patterns with modern pop elements in a fun island dance track.


Yaadcore “Tension”

Yaadcore · Tension

Yaadcore releases “Tension”, his first single on a riddim juggling of the legendary Abyssinians “Declaration Of Rights”.
Produced by Top Rankin’ from Switzerland.


Khxos x Konshens x Chargii “Taboo”

Khxos · Taboo feat. Chargii & Konshens

Described as one of dancehall’s latest breakout stars, Khxos, known for his debut single “One Touch” and his latest hit “Tambrin”, has teamed up with Konshens and rising artist / producer Chargii on “Taboo”. As its name suggests, the highly energetic song is an ode to the infamous Kingston nightclub, and the nostalgia surrounding the now-halted Jamaican nightlife scene. 

The track is produced by Kheilstone, whose credits include numerous industry greats such as Sizzla, Malibu Miitch and Popcaan. This is the single you want to hear during a party. It channels the more carnal side of dancehall music. Both Konshens and Chargii were the perfect addition to the track, as the trio’s energy matched the flow. 


Yaadcore “The Calling”

Yaadcore · The Calling

Reggae artist Yaadcore is channeling a reggae/hip-hop fusion for his latest release “The Calling”. Co-produced by Haitian-born Young Zoe Beats, “Ready Now” producer Ian McKee and Yaadcore himself, the single takes on a retrospective tone, speaking to creatives who look to answer their proverbial ‘call’.

“I want people to connect with the song and realize their calling. To listen to the call – ignoring the discouraging talks and obstacles,” Yaadcore said. “Once there’s life, there’s hope… wah nuh dead, nuh dash it weh.”

“The Calling” was created as a vehicle to voice ‘the call’, ultimately allowing one to lead themself into realizing their goals. The song is part of a 27-track, multi-produced mixtape entitled Sumn Different which features brand new music from Yaadcore & Karbon, along with guest appearances from Lila Iké, Runkus and more. This is the third release coming out of the partnership between Yaadcore’s 12 Yaad Records and Delicious Vinyl Island; the first being “No Fenke Fenke” released in 2018.


Natural High Music “Cane Fields” (feat. Wayne Marshall x Jesse Royal x Kabaka Pyramid)

Natural High Music JA. · Natural High Ft Wayne Marshall X Jesse Royal X Kabaka Pyramid – Cane Fields

Following up on the success of our recent singles ‘Glory To God’ (Wayne Marshall), ‘Run Run Run’ (Jesse Royal) and ‘Reggae Music’ (Kabaka Pyramid) it only felt right to unite these amazing artist for a very special tribute. Produced and mixed at The Bungalow, ‘Cane Fields’ is a record surrounding the times of today. The intense atmosphere set by the music, accompanied by the powerful delivery and content from the artists, paint a vivid picture of a society on the verge of an uprising and willing to risk it all to survive.

Vision Alexander “Right Now / Right Now Dub” (feat. Jesse Royal)

Vision Alexander joins reggae music champion Jesse Royal & Grammy-winning producer Sean Alaric (Koffee’s “Throne”) to create a more nuanced tale illustrating the journey marijuana has taken from it’s illegal beginnings to where it is now. The dub version, produced by Natural High Music adds another dimension to the already sick production. Check it out!


Yaadcore & Karbon – Sumn Different – mixtape


For Sumn Different, Yaadcore connects with 12 Yaad artist Karbon, bringing listeners a taste of what’s to come from both acts. While previous Yaadcore mixtapes, such as those in the Reggae Aroma series, offered a survey of the roots reggae landscape, Sumn Different focuses mainly on in-house artistic output, but also leaves room for remixes and inclusions of fellow travelers like Lila Ike and Runkus, who appears on the 12 Yaad-produced “Liv It Up,” a track inspired by Whitney Houston’s classic “My Love Is Your Love.”

The name Sumn Different, Yaadcore explains, comes from the new event series by the same name which he’s started in keeping in Kingston. But it also proved to be a fitting name as he began assembling tracks for the project.

“It is an event series we have monthly, every full moon,” he says. “Working on this mixtape, I decided to use Sumn Differnt and bring something different for the people. The mixtape is different than anything out right now. It’s to give people free music and introduce them to myself and Karbon, and warm them up to what’s to come. To give the people music in a palatable and exciting way fi listen.”

1.Intro – Mammee Bay

2. Yaadcore – The Calling

Produced By Young Zoe Beatz x 12 Yaad Records x Ian Mckee
 / Mixed By Bonzai Caruso

3. skit – Your Lane Different

4. Yaadcore – Ready Now

Produced By Rian Williams x 12 Yaad Records x Ian Mckee
 / Mixed By Tippy I Grade

5. Bob Marley Ft Haile Selassie – War Speech [Refix]

Produced By Bunx
 / Mixed By Yaadcore

6. Karbon – Caesar Never Cease

Produced By Bunx
 / Mixed By Runkus

7. Yaadcore – Guide InI

Produced By Bunx
 / Mixed By Runkus

8. Karbon – Like A Feather

Produced Computer Paul
 / Mixed By Yaadcore

9. Karbon – Belial

Produced By Damage Musiq / 
Mixed By Runkus

10. Karbon – Kurfew

Produced By Teflon ZincFence
 / Mixed By Runkus

11. skit – Connect Different

12. Yaadcore – Tension

Produced By Top Ranking
 / Mixed By Dan Sauter

13. Skit – Caught Up With The Calling

14. Karbon – Killamanjaro

Produced By Ron Benjamin
 / Mixed By Runkus

15. Yaadcore – Eyes Can’t See

Produced By Oneness Records
 / Mixed By Yaadcore

16. Yaadcore – Ladadidaaa

Produced By Jahlanzo
 / Mixed By Yaadcore

17. Skit – Just Saying Hi

18. Yaadcore – Bee With Mee [Tadow Refix]

Produced By Masego & Fjk / 
Mixed By Runkus

19. Runkus – Liv It Up

Produced By 12 Yaad Records & Rian Williams
 / Mixed By Runkus

20. Yaadcore. Lila Ike. Imeru – Freestyle

Produced By 12 Yaad Records & Rian Williams / 
Mixed By Yaadcore

21. Yaadcore ft. Karbon – Light Up The Place

Produced By Dub School & 12 Yaad Records
 / Mixed By Runkus

22. Runkus – $$$

Produced By Wizical
 / Mixed By Runkus

23. Skillibeng – Brick Pan Brick

Produced Eastsyde Records

24. Karbon – Highgrade Maka

Produced By Tekno
 / Mixed By Ian Mckee

25. Bunny Rugs ft. Karbon & Yaadcore – Runaway Remix

Produced By X-Terminator Productions / 
Mixed By Runkus

26. skit – Tip Of The Iceberg

27. Lila Ike – Solitude

Produced By Ziah & Iotosh
 / Mixed By Niko Marzouca & Robert Marks

Chris Malachi “BAWL / FYAHBAWL”

The first single “BAWL”, again produced by J.L.L. is a compassionate and vulnerable yet hard hitting track that addresses the overwhelming plight of his generation. This is one half of his FYAHBAWL concept (the other song named FYAH) which explores the duality of the intense fiery passion that usually characterizes the youth. “BAWL” explores what happens when circumstances push the passion to manifest into anger, bitterness and hopelessness. 

“FYAHBAWL” is the other side of the coin to the previously released “BAWL” from the rising & powerful voice that is Chris Malachi. This upbeat afrobeats/dancehall anthem promotes resilience in the face of adversity as he triumphantly sings “Nobody can’t stop the youths from shining, yeah we a star!” If “BAWL” makes a point to feel and understand the harsh realities we currently face, “FYAHBAWL” encourages us to believe that we have what it takes to overcome, thrive and rise above it all.

Blvk H3ro & Wayne J “Young Boss”

Blvk H3ro and Wayne J have teamed up once more this time to ‘talk business’. “Young Boss” is the young entrepreneur’s anthem and lauds the emergence of business owners who have amassed great success at a young age. The single is produced by Greatest Records and is encased in a catchy beat with a pulsating bassline and could be described as having a new age dancehall/reggae sound but has the ability to crossover into more international markets.

Blvk H3ro & Wayne J “Original”

“Original” pairs two of Jamaica’s most exciting young talents in BLVK H3RO (pronounced Black Hero) and WAYNE J for a modern bashment anthem steeped in dancehall tradition. Inspired by the classic riddims of the 1990s and early Aughts, the track finds the youthful deejays riding a vintage boof-baf instrumental from producer KraggiBadArt with the proficiency of seasoned veterans.

Chargii “High Like This” feat. Khxos

Chargii’s “High Like This” featuring Delicious Vinyl Island recording artist Khxos, is the dancehall anthem to start your decade off proper. The uptempo collaboration represents a new beginning for the up and coming producer and artist, delivering feel good mementos alongside Khxos to provide the ultimate tune for all dancefloors and frequencies. Chargii, known for crafting hybrid dancehall sounds, delivers a stirring yet upbringing lyrical performance bar for bar while simantaunely bouncing off Khxos’ captivating energy and sultry vocals. This combination provides the perfect collaboration between the two rising stars and is sure to get you feeling “High Like” them in all respects. 

Khxos “Tambrin”

“Tambrin” is the latest single from rising dancehall star Khxos, and a budding, blasphemous viral sensation drawing enthusiastic support from Instagram comedians, DJs and international dance crews alike.

Invoking the sour-sweet tropical fruit (more commonly spelled tamarind) as a metaphor for his appeal to women, Khxos flexes his falsetto over a driving riddim from producer Track Starr (HoodCelebrityy’s “Walking Trophy”). “Tambrin” is Khxos’ first release for Delicious Vinyl Island, the new Caribbean music imprint from iconic hip-hop label Delicious Vinyl Island.

Runkus “99%.”

Runkus’ “99%.” is a trap x dancehall anthem for the rest of us. The lead single from Runkus’ upcoming debut LP, classisHim, “99%.” represents a new musical path for the Jamaican singer known for upful reggae tunes like “Move Yuh Feet” and “Run.” Tackling the global issue of financial inequality from a distinctly Jamaican perspective, Runkus delivers an impassioned yet playful lyrical performance over bouncy, trap-inspired production from fast-rising Jamaican producers iotosh and Kone. Striking just the right balance between serious business and lighthearted fun, “99%.” is truly an anthem for our times.


Natural High “Be The One” feat. Tessanne Chin

Featuring an all-star cast of top-flight Jamaican talent, Urban Roots II is the sophomore album from Kingston-based production duo Natural High Music. Guests on the project, which updates classic roots reggae vibes and vintage dub style with the sample-based flavors of ‘90s hip-hop include Capleton, Jesse Royal, Wayne Marshall, Royal Blu, Kabaka Pyramid, Tessanne Chin, Keznamdi, Eesah, Indie Allen. The late “Crown Prince” of reggae, Dennis Brown, also makes a posthumous appearance alongside Jesse Royal on “Run Run Run” thanks to a decades-old unreleased vocal track located by the group.


Royal Blu “Hype”

Jamaica is on the verge of a new sound: One that is informed equally by the island’s own creations, reggae and dancehall, as it is by hip-hop and all manner of global influence. Stepping boldly into this future comes Royal Blu, whose multi-faceted vocal delivery finds him maneuvering between the roles of a rapper, dancehall deejay and singer. For his second single of 2019, Blu reconnects with beatmaker J.L.L.  for “Hype,” a self-assured commentary on the notions of fame, hard work and talent. “Hype” is out now through Delicious Vinyl Island, which will release Royal Blu’s as-yet untitled EP later this year. 


Los Rakas – Manes De Negocio LP

Los Rakas’ LP Manes de Negocio takes it’s listeners on an urban Caribbean expreicnnes, carrying the street sounds of Latinx Trap with records touching the roots Tropicale/Trap/Reggaeton. The majority of the album was Latinx Trap street sounds, however, once they teamed with Adrian L. Miller (Executive Producer of Anderson .Paak, Mereba) he suggested they should integrate all of the Raka sounds; Tropicale/Trap/Reggaeton. Manes De Negocio is colorful with moments that soar such great heights without slighting. Los Rakas weaves through sounds and paints their neighborhood a flagrant rainbow, which boasts confidence equally serene and solid. Guest appearances include Amara La Negra, Jhoni The Voice, I-Majesty, Tree Thomas, CRSB & Youngin Floe.

Yaadcore “Ready Now”

Having cemented his place as one of Jamaican music’s most influential reggae selectors, YAADCORE is now making his mark as an artist with his debut single, “Ready Now.”Co-produced by Yaadcore, Rian Wiliams and Ian McKee, “Ready Now” premiered earlier with Sir David Rodigan on BBC1Xtra. The single is now available on all digital service providers via Delicious Vinyl Island and Yaadcore’s own 12 Yaad Records.

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Los Rakas “Devorame” feat. Amara La Negra

Los Rakas, the California-by-way-of-Panama duo known for their bilingual blend of rap, dancehall and reggaeton, deliver one of their catchiest, most accessible tunes to date in “Devorame,” the second single from their upcoming album, Manes de Negocio (“Men of Business”). Dominican-American songstress Amara La Negra (“Ayy!,” Love and Hip-Hop: Miami) guests on the sexy, intimate reggaeton track, the title of which translates in English to “devour me.” This collaboration from two of Latin music’s most unclassifiable acts is sure to be moving hips in clubs worldwide as the Summer heats up.

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Royal Blu “Style And Pattern”

Two of Jamaica’s brightest young talents connect on this potent showcase of modern reggae with a lyrical, hip hop-flavored twist. Up-and-coming vocalist Royal Blu delivers a rhyme clinic on his latest single “Style And Pattern,” dropping double-time flows over a multi-layered riddim from producer J.L.L.(Kranium, Popcaan).  Fans of Damian Marley, Protoje and Koffee will find much to enjoy in the blend of lyrical dexterity and cultured reggae vibes

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Natural High Music x Kabaka Pyramid “Sticks & Stones”

Jamaica’s Natural High Music and Kabaka Pyramid effortlessly blend hip-hop and reggae flavors on “Sticks & Stones”. The song is the third single from Urban Roots II, the upcoming full-length album from Natural High, the Kingston-based production duo behind such tracks as Chronixx’s “Black is Beautiful” and Wayne Marshall’s “Glory to God.”

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Mr. Vegas “Killa Body” feat. Los Rakas

Jamaican music icon Mr. Vegas (“Heads High,” “Bruk It Down”) teams with the Grammy-nominated, Panamanian-American duo Los Rakas for “Killa Body,” an international party anthem blending dancehall with shades of reggaeton and Latin trap. The track, produced by Robertino, pairs Vegas’ signature “singjay” delivery with the West Coast Spanish flows of Los Rakas MCs Raka Rich and Raka Dun, for a lively, cross-cultural celebration of the female form.

“Killa Body” is the latest release from Delicious Vinyl Island, the new Caribbean music imprint from iconic indie label Delicious Vinyl, and a teaser for both Vegas’ upcoming EP on the label as well as Los Rakas’ sophomore LP, Manes de Negocio, coming in May.

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Natural High Music “Run Run Run” feat. Jesse Royal & Dennis Brown

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Los Rakas “Yo Tambien”

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Orange Hill “UP WID IT!” feat. Mr. Vegas

Jimmy October “Remember The Days”

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Prince Fatty Presents: Monkey Jhayam “Vem Comigo (90% Of Me Is You) feat. Shneice McMenamin

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Lila Iké “Second Chance”

stream / download

Sevana “Sometime Love”

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“No Fenke Fenke” Kabaka Pyramid & Shanique Marie


Natural High Music Reap What You Sow (feat. Royal Blu)


Naturally Delicious Mixtape by Natural High

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