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Wayne J


Wayne J firebrand is one of the most profound youth in Reggae and Dancehall. He is a double-edged sword that is bringing refreshing, fierce and positive melodic lyrics to the world. 

Early Life – Young Wayne was born to Wayne Anthony Smith on the 23rd of April 2003 in the inner-city community of Waterhouse, Kingston. It is the mecca for a few great Jamaican musicians likes Beenie Man, Mykal Rose, Junior Reid, King Jammy and Black Uhuru, just to name a few. 

The young toaster was already on his way to stardom after officially entering the business at the age of three. His confidence and stage show dominance came naturally to him, when he performed live in front of audiences throughout the local Jamaican music scene. 

Throughout the years, Wayne J maintained being a student and musician. Fast forward to 2013, his career started to shape professionally with a few notable appearances under his belt across the island, including major festivals like Rebel Salute and Sting. He burst onto the scene permanently, and started to build a great following across all generations, locally and internationally. 

By the end of 2013, Wayne J had already released his debut EP, ”A Wayne J Enuh,” which was produced by his in-house team at Greatest Records. The project featured 9 tracks, which included his first song “Stay Ina School” and his breakthrough hit “18 or Older”. He is known for creating unapologetic controversial reggae and dancehall music that is open, honest and catchy.

The young Dj is also no stranger to dropping hit songs such as “Slacky Mouth” (2014) and “The Nationwide Epidemic Of Chikungunya” where he released the song with said name and became a number hit on local and regional radios alike. 

“Most will sing negative or slack songs when they should aim to be more positive because of them have younger youth looking up to them. The society can’t manage heavy music, it is already burdened with the negative things, but I am trying to make a difference by changing the thought process.” – Wayne J 

This skyrocketed Wayne J stardom and potential to new heights. Today, Wayne J has cemented his status as a well-respected artist and inspiration to his peers and adults alike, while also being a voice for positive change. Wayne is not only thriving musically, he is also pairing music with philanthropy and being a recycling activist with the Alligator Head Foundation. Their mission is to fight for the protection of the environment, particularly the ocean. The organization found Wayne J fit to create awareness as a youth to represent Jamaica as the youngest delegate at the 2017 Bonn, Germany climate change conference.

The world is the oyster for the young DJ, who at age 15 has mastered the true art of being a 
professional, well-rounded performing and recording artist, while being a positive role model to his peers and followers. He promises to ignite the rest of the world with his limitless talents that will wow the souls of fans and fellow musicians alike. 

That year however, he released “Better Days” released by Daddy Sevi. So far, the music of the young DJ has impacted the world at large. He worked closely with top-notch European producers such as OBF (France). Greenlight Sound System (Spain), and King Horror (Spain) with releases such (Kinghorror prod), (Greenlight charlart58) Tom (Greatest records). Wayne J is well seasoned in the music business and is ready to take his mission to new heights in the future to make International appearances. 

With a rapid growing catalog of music, the story continues for Wayne J, who is currently working on his debut five-track EP, ‘The Renaissance’ produced by Bob Bouchard Production, set to be released for in October 2019. His recent single from the EP is called “Perfect”. His future is looking promising, and Wayne J is here to win.

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