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Royal Blu

Royal Blu, whose real name is Sean-Michael Francis, is a Jamaican singer, songwriter and entertainer born and raised in St. Catherine, Spanish Town. He started writing songs in 2006/2007 for his personally enjoyment, but began doing music professionally in 2012, and has since been featured on shows like “Live From Kingston” and has spent 1 month touring Europe in summer 2017.
Royal Blu’s music varies in different genres, moods and emotions. You’ll find that his sound is a big fusion of what is relevant and at the forefront of modern music today, mixed with his Jamaican accent and delivery. His songs can tend to have a calming tone, with thought provoking lyrical content, aligned with smooth melodies effortlessly flowing over a relaxing instrumental. And he can also deliver his message with an assertive musical approach over heavy, uptempo instrumentals. “El Fuego” is somewhat of an alter ego that represents an energetic presence, where you’ll find more of an aggressive delivery in Royal Blu’s music.

His goal is to properly express and address the issues that he and his generation face locally and on a global scale. Whether it be on record or on stage, his aim is to infuse live music and computerized sounds to artistically deliver concepts in the music.

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