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CHARGII, born Fabian Schaff, is an independent music producer, singer and songwriter based in Las Vegas, NV. His blend of hard hitting drum patterns and groovy melodies are the fruit of his experiences being American born and raised in Jamaica. CHARGII has combined these experiences to create a hybrid of dancehall with different music genres which can be heard in songs like ‘High Like This’ and ‘Bimma Body’.

More popularly known for his hit single ‘Go Easy’, CHARGII has a unique style of production and writing. His latest release, ‘High Like This’ is inspired by his love for Dancehall’s boastful and energetic persona. He crafted the beat and the melody and teamed up with Khxos to deliver a mixture of creativity and euphoria.

Chargii’s “High Like This” featuring Delicious Vinyl Island recording artist Khxos, is the dancehall anthem to start your decade off proper. The uptempo collaboration represents a new beginning for the up and coming producer and artist, delivering feel good mementos alongside Khxos to provide the ultimate tune for all dancefloors and frequencies. Chargii, known for crafting hybrid dancehall sounds, delivers a stirring yet upbringing lyrical performance bar for bar while simantaunely bouncing off Khxos’ captivating energy and sultry vocals. This combination provides the perfect collaboration between the two rising stars and is sure to get you feeling “High Like” them in all respects. 

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